A few words about us

In 2017, Star Tahina Limited brought the craft of Halva making to East Africa and opened the door to the first and only Tahina and Halva production factory in Uganda. The plant mill that grinds sesame to produce tahina paste is powered by a large production facility, while daily halva production amounts to just about a tonne of pounds ready for sale, distribution and export.

We have qualified and experinced staff that produced Tahina and Halva in full accordance with HACCP and Ugnda National Bureau of Standards. We have 100% pure Ugandan Sesame that has a rich taste known all over the globe. Our Tahina products are suited to deli’s, restaurants, hotels, catering services, institutional kitchens, etc. Our packaging is unique and allows easy storage and use.

Our Tahina does not require refrigiration so as to retain flavour and consistency, just store it in a cool dry place you are okay with. We are looking to partner with wholesalers, so now orders may be made directly to our factory located in Mukono along Jinja Road, a few kilometers after Seeta Town.

Health Benefits

Tahina & Halva

  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Prevents and cures heart disease
  • Rich in calcium, iron and unsaturated fatty acids
  • Helps in building bones, maintaining haemoglobin level in the blood
  • Reduces the level of cholesterol in blood as well as lower the risk of stoke
  • Works as cancer prevention

Our advantages

Our Vision is to manufacture and distribute to consumers worldwide with high quality, naturally healthy Tahina and Halva that is nutritional and delicious- suited to the requirements of a well balanced diet. Operating from the East African region, Star Tahina Ltd. is now a 5500 sq m. factory, with over 2400 sq m. of storage and still expanding, employing over 20 qualified and experienced professionals, managed and run in full accordance with the Uganda National Bureau of Standards as well as HACCP.

Star Tahina Limited is the only HACCP certified Tahina factory in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Sudan. Production in the facility is done in accordance to hygienic standards and by using advanced manufacturing techniques. Even though the production line is operated automatically, human contact is required for quality until the products are packed and ready to be distributed and shipped. During the production stage, Samples are taken from different stages for testing before the final product receives the approval to come out of the factory. All these steps are put there to ensure products of the highest quality.

Interntional Distribution

We are highly able to supply anyone, anywhere and anytime

Licenced and Certified

We are licenced and certified to do what we do best